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It is my habit to create email folders and populate them with emails I receive by subject matter.Last year I was delving through several folders and noticed a few were about various flower wines.He prescribed a medication for vertigo and the result was no more imbalance, dizziness nor any more episodes of blackout or a while.When the symptoms returned he upped the prescription and I am fine.He ordered an MRI/MRA to look for signs of an oncoming stroke or a series of TIAs. He then referred me to a neurologist who ordered a CT scan of the temporal lobes and inner ear canals.It turns out I have fluid in my inner ears, and this is causing the imbalance problems and could contribute to blackouts.

A few days after the third one I had a routine appointment with my cardiologist and shared with him these developments and my fear of blacking out while driving.There are other issues I won't go into, but having had two heart attacks, naturally I have regular visits with my cardiologist.Medical posts are boring, and I've bored you long enough. Except when camping and fishing for my meals, I release my catch.I then created a "flower Wines" folder and moved more than a few emails into it.Several were questions about the suitability of specific flowers for wine and if I had a recipe for them.

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