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The territory of the early marches in Bavaria remained under the control of the duke, who was the suzerain of the Markgrafen, which contrasted with the situation in Saxony.

The march of the "Bayerischen Nordgau" was established by King Otto I in the early 940s along the border with Bohemia.

Paulus Diaconus names "una Appa alia Gailaduarum vero nomina non retinemus" as the daughters of "Gisulfus Foroiulanus dux", recording that one later married "Alamannorum regi, alia Baioariorum principi", without specifying which.

In this case the date of the baptism is much earlier than the likely dates of Duke Theodo III, and falls during the reign of Duke Garibald I.

The march of Austria remained a fiefdom of the duchy of Bavaria until 1156, when it was elevated to the status of a separate duchy in order to compensate Heinrich II Markgraf of Austria for the loss of Bavaria when Emperor Friedrich I "Barbarossa" returned it to the Welf family Although by then its territory was truncated, the Wittelsbach duchy consolidated its position and remained a powerful force in regional and international politics until the fall of the German Empire after the First World war.

There is considerable uncertainty about the early dukes of Bavaria, not only their relationship to each other but even their names and order of succession.

The bishoprics within the province were Freising, Passau and Regensburg, all dating from the mid-8th century.

In addition, the bishoprics of Eichsttt and Augsburg in Bavaria, also founded around the same time, fell within the archiepiscopal province of Mainz.

The references in primary sources to his wife imply that Garibald was already duke of Bavaria at the time of his marriage. The Liber Histori Francorum records that the Burgundians and Austrasians entered "paygo Suessionico cum Gundoaldo et Wintrione" and were defeated at "Brinnacum villam" and fled after the battle, dated to soon after the accession (in 592) of Childebert II as king in Burgundy.The Ostmark, which later evolved into the margraviate of Austria, was formed in 976 by Emperor Otto II along the frontier with Hungary, although Markgrafen in the "Pannonian March" are recorded about a century earlier (see the document AUSTRIA).The "Krntner Mark", which later developed into the Steiermark or Styria, was also established in the late 10th century, although the precise date is uncertain.Nevertheless, the internal position of the Bavarian dukes remained strong and unified, enabling them to maintain considerable influence over the counties within their duchy and claim reversionary rights in the estates of families which became extinct Between the mid-940s and 1180, the dukes of Bavaria belonged to seven different dynasties.Ducal appointment remained in the hands of the king/emperor who used it both as a means of rewarding service and strengthening his personal control over the province.

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