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Risa is not a cute or girly person though she isn’t a tomboy either.

She takes a high interest in fashion, often helping her friend, Nobu, with her outfits and even pierces Nobu’s ears later in the series.

Otherwise, she can be found wearing an array of stylish clothing.

Risa usually wears her hair tied up in various buns and ponytails, but is can also be seen with her hair down, braided, and in twin-tails.== Personality == Throughout the series, Risa is seen as a loud, strong, and impulsive person who is easily embarrassed by “adult” subjects such as dating, kissing, and sex.

In the manga, Risa’s hair often changes between light red, light brunette, and orange, while her eyes can be seen as both brown and reddish-brown. Risa wears a school uniform consisting of a white dress shirt, brown skirt, blue knee-high socks with white stripes, and reddish-pink shoes.After realizing Risa would have to walk home barefoot, the boy then offers her his shoes and she gives him a piece of strawberry milk candy in return again wishing him a happy birthday.The flashback ends with Risa and Ōtani meeting up for an Umibōzu concert during the summer break of their final year of high school.Risa rushes forward getting caught in the crowd, being punched, shoved, and crushed several times before the boy notices and manages pulls her out.She yells her thank you’s to him over the noise of the concert.

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