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If you guys can, leave a review with some feedback on what you all think, really interested in what you all have to say.It was a sunny day at the Smash Mansion, Pit was outside in front of the mansion spectating a heated stamina battle between Fox and Falco.Sorry about tackling you." Pit chuckled nervously."I'm fine Pit, thank you for saving me.If you hadn't tackle me to the floor I'd most likely look like that hole on the wall.""Yeah, being a giant burnt circle doesn't really sound like a good look to have." Pit joked. "I gotta go do somenthing, thank you again Pit, that was really sweet of you." Robin gives Pit a kiss on the cheek and gives him a warm smile before leaving.Fox and Falco were trying to hold their laughs in."I appreciate your confidence Pit." Fox said.After a moment of silence, the three hear a scream coming from the sky.Pit XFemale Robin Lot's a cute fluffy and funny moments in this fanfic Aye, what's good ladies and gentlemen, we're back with another fanfic.So today, we have a little about our favorite dorky angel Pit having his first chance at dating with the brash tactician Female Robin, lot's of fun and cute moments to be had in this story.

" Pit said excitedly."Hehe, thanks Pit, way before you joined us in the mansion, Fox and I were dominating the competition." Falco cockily said."Hey, maybe if I was in Melee, I think I would've beaten everyone, including you two." Pit said boldly.

Our T-II δO record broadly replicates that of the Shakun et al. (2014) records of this time, recording low values from 139 to 135 ka followed by an approximately 3.5‰ increase over an extended interval between 134 and 129 ka.

This rise in δO values occurs during Heinrich Stadial 11 and the associated Weak Monsoon Interval observed in Chinese caves; our record broadly follows the marine termination, rising boreal summer insolation, and the rise in atmospheric CO and potentially a change in moisture source or precipitation seasonality from greater influence of the North American Monsoon accompanying summer insolation increase.

As they looked up, they see Diddy Kong flying with his jetpack, he was moving in circles and making many twist and turns."SOMEONE GET ME OFF THIS CRAZY THING! Falco pulled out his blaster and shoots at Diddy, sending him into a free fall and the jetpack spiraling out of control.

Pit looks at the jetpack and sees it heading towards Robin casually walking and reading.

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