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My brother and I have starred in all the school's productions and we really welcome newcomers.

(from laptop screen) All right the singing thing is nothing.

(has an idea) Too bad all these events weren't happening on the same day... I don't want to hear about Troy Bolton and that Montez girl. You give me that, and I will sleep with a smile on my face no matter how the score comes out.) East High has the ball!

OK, our callbacks on Thursday and the basketball game and the scholastic decathlon are on Friday. What I really want is to see my son having the time of his life playing the game we both love.

(clips): snow shovelers and a truck stuck in snow (voice-over): "With snow removal now complete, New York City is ready to pick up garbage once again.

To help make the process more efficient, New Yorkers are asked to place garbage from July through September at the front of the pile.

I'll do the scholastic decathlon and you'll win the championships. (She reaches into her locker and hands This could be the start of something new It feels so right to be here with you Oh And now looking in your eyes I feel in my heart The start of something...

So, if you're telling me as co-presidents of the drama club that changing the callbacks would be what's best for our theater program, then I might actually agree with you.{A sign has been posted on the callback sheet reading "CALLBACK AUDITIONS RESCHEDULED TO FRIDAY BEGINNING AT PM" Kelsi is staring at the sign as Troy, Gabriella, Chad, Taylor, and the rest of the Wildcats arrive Well, that'll come or it won't.

If you’re a property or business owner in the Downtown Davenport boundaries, please consider joining us to learn more about ongoing projects, plans, and future development during the 2018 Downtown Davenport Partnership (DDP) Annual Meeting. A free hot breakfast will be served, and registration begins at a.m.We'll be back in April to pick up garbage from October through December. Then just put them with the rest of the trash to be thrown away." (photo): New York City seal (voice-over): "A message from New York City: The last unspoiled place." ••• Alan Kalter with Big Show Highlights ••• desk chat: Dave has some random thoughts about the big New Year's Eve celebration hosted by Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest (the universal prototype for male cheerleader).Ryan interviewed one female who might be some sort of celebrity. ••• Dave's advice for the new year: "But seriously to you kids out there, if you're thinking about how to improve yourselves for the coming year, be less of a douche bag." (Late Show aaoogah horn again) ••• Top Ten Signs Your 2011 Is Off to a Bad Start ••• Brian Williams comes in loaded with comedy.Your feedback is important, and we hope you can join us on Tuesday, June 12.Please RSVP your attendance no later than June 8 by calling 563-823-2693. —————————————————————————————— Market demand for rental housing in the Quad Cities and downtown Davenport remain strong and opportunity remains for further development.

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