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We are pleased to offer a professional gasket making service using modern materials including copper/non-asbestos/copper sandwich construction.

One off projects are not a problem with quantities of 1 or 2 units just as welcome as projects for 100 items.

To re-cap….several things I think necessary in an old splash system Lister clone..Delta Adhesives Ltd Units 39 & 40 Claycliffe Business Park, Cannon Way, Barugh Green, Barnsley, South Yorkshire 01226 381 571 Steve H Hi all, well I applied some of this JB Weld stuff that I bought and after using some Friday of last week to exhaust stub of one of my Marvil`s but I also supported it by using a jubilee clip shaped to fit outside profile of stub and just left it till today.Started engine and ran it for half an hour and all seems well, I am leaving the clip on as once painted same as cyl.According to the product data sheet its break-down temperature is 220 deg C, which is very respectable and fine for most applications (including cylinder blocks) but I would have thought that an exhaust manifold would probably get hotter than this and the repair may fail. MP J-B Weld is an excellent product; it's one of those "does exactly what it says on the tin" type of products.It shouldn't be forgotton, however, that it is just epoxy glue with a steel powder filler.

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