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Google Latitude therefore has to be “turned on” when needed or your friends have to regularly “Check-In” on a location in order for you to follow them. However, if you are all have Android phones (Google’s own mobile OS) luckily you can install apps that will better regulate battery drain from GPS usage and thus minimise the risk of your phone being depleted.

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When we “turned off” that setting, only then did we see the Google Latitude battery usage go back to normal.Dell Latitude D820/D830 can take up to 4GB memory total. In order to remove the existing memory module carefully spread latches on both sides of the slot. In this notebook RAM can run in dual-channel mode which doubles the amount of available bandwidth and improves the laptop performance.When we tested it we got the accuracy to about 10-15 meters with full 3G coverage and good Wi-Fi coverage.Google has not given an official statement on how accurate their service is, but all in all it is about 5-100 meters from other user experiences.

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