Kris aquino dating history

She’s been so busy that on Tuesday, Aquino posted on her Facebook page that she’s hiring staff to help work on production for her online web series, a project she’s been busy with since ending her TV hosting stint on ABS-CBN in 2016.

Specifically, she’s looking for a production assistant/junior producer, a video editor, and a transcriber/subtitler.

Her three sisters provide a black-clad Greek chorus beside her, each with hands clasped and legs crossed at the ankles. In the story told by Kris Aquino, she is a woman wronged, persecuted and harassed, her womanhood threatened, her dignity offended, her child mistreated by the evil whose name is James Yap.

Kris appealed to the interviewer, one woman to another. I want him to grow up knowing his mother fought for what is right. And yet this victim, this brave, sacrificing woman, still failed, as of this publication, to file in court any charge of assault, rape, attempted rape, or the entire slew of legal cases against the man who allegedly violated her as a woman.

How would you like to work for the “Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino?

Just because the former TV host and movie star has been away from primetime for quite some time, doesn’t mean she hasn’t been busy.

Social media is filled with these viewers, and although there is little to prove the validity or magnitude of the national exasperation—or national apathy—resulting from yet another Aquino scandal, the goodwill earned by the Aquino legend is not an unlimited currency.

To Kris Aquino, the highest court in the land is not the judiciary. The Aquino women, mother and daughters, have withstood decades of media coverage with quiet resignation, standing in the floodlights without basking in the glow.Watch her, daughter of heroes, heiress to a legend, sister to the yellow king, hawking laundry detergent and condominium units in billboards along the same highway her mother walked in 1986.This is also the woman who then dropped all criminal charges the moment Joey Marquez made a public apology and abased himself on national television.There was, it seemed, very little need to extract truth or justice in court.

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