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It is not known how his career progressed subsequently.

Pauline Copeland (ne Larkin) sent me this newspaper cutting from the Buenos Aires Herald, dated 12th June 1946, showing her arrival in Buenos Aires with her mother.

If any former BSAA staff read this and find that they (or a friend/relative who worked for the airline) are missing from the list, please let us know at [email protected] and we'll be happy to add them.

June flew on Yorks and Lancastrians, including the trans-Andean routes into Santiago and had many interesting stories to tell about her time with the airline.

UPDATE (Feb 2017) - I have received an email from Ruby Wight to inform me that the Stargirl on the right of the photo above is her grandmother Marian Hale, now known as Janet Wimbush. The cards the girls are holding say "The Air Ball" and the collecting tins appear to be labelled "The Air League of the British Empire" but does anyone know anything about this event, such as where and when it was held and the reason for the different insignia on the hats? In the photo below, June Knight is seated third from the left in the back row, Peggy Palmer is standing in the centre at the back and Joy Hickey is second from right in the front row wearing the tartan blouse.

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