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You have 110 college kids and you tell them they have to be in the weight-room every morning at and none of them are late—he managed that.” Senior forward Katie Rollins said the fitness gains realized in Fitzgerald’s work with the women’s basketball team were noticeable.

“When you get to the higher levels of division one college basketball, it’s all about strength and conditioning—can you outstrength and outrun the other team? “And I think we’ve been able to at least stay with our opponents if not outrun them.

Holmes' post shows Suri smiling for the camera as snow falls in the background.

Fitzgerald, who came to Harvard in April, 2005 after a stint as the assistant director of strength and conditioning at the University of Maryland, worked directly with many of the University’s athletic teams, including football, men’s and women’s basketball, wrestling, and men’s tennis.

" Holmes split from Cruise in 2012 after more than five years of marriage.

She has been linked to Foxx for years, although the pair have yet to publicly address their relationship.

“When coach Fitz steps away there will be no letdown, we’ll keep on rolling.” Fitzgerald, who is also noted for overseeing the relocation of the Harvard varsity weightroom in March 2007 from the Murr Center to its current 24,000 square-foot Palmer-Dixon locale—among the nation’s biggest—said that his proudest achievement was the level of attention he and the rest of his small staff were able to give each of Harvard’s 41 teams.

“Our mission is inclusion, and we treat everyone as equals,” he said.

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