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The idea of "Indigenous Aryans" also implies a migration "Out of India" to Europe and central Asia.This is contrary to the mainstream scholarly view, saying that the Indo-Aryan languages originated outside India.Historical linguistics provides the main basis for the theory, analysing the development and changes of languages, and establishing relations between the various Indo-European languages, and the time frame wherein these languages developed.It also provides information about shared words, and the corresponding area of the origin of Indo-European, and the specific vocabulary which is to be ascribed to specific regions.4000 to 1000 BCE according to the Kurgan hypothesis: * The magenta area corresponds to the assumed Urheimat (Samara culture, Sredny Stog culture and the subsequent Yamna culture). The Indo-Aryan Migration theory posits the introduction of Indo-Aryan languages into South Asia through migrations of Indo-European-speaking people from the Pontic Steppes via Central Asia into the Levant (Mitanni), south Asia, and Inner Asia (Wusun and Yuezhi).

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...a purely theoretical linguistic exercise […] as an experiment to determine whether India can definitively be excluded as a possible homeland.For example, as an exponent of race science, colonial administrator Herbert Hope Risley (1851 – 1911) used the ratio of the width of a nose to its height to divide Indian people into Aryan and Dravidian races, as well as seven castes.The idea of an Aryan "invasion" was fueled after the discovery of the Indus Valley Civilisation, also called Harappan Civilisation.OMG, this woman is poetry in motion and makes me so hard! And when she slid that lollipop in and out of herself...

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