Ji hwan dating

“My philosophy in acting is not to be swayed by the public and to just concentrate on my own acting.

That doesn’t mean that I am turning away from or ignoring the public.

Because of its rarity, this is the kind of man that women of today dream of.

Now that the 51-episode epic has ended, Ji Chang Wook has left behind a perfect character, such that it’s hard to imagine another Ta Hwan besides Ji Chang Wook’s Ta Hwan.I thought this character would allow me to do many things that I wanted to do.He was actually a nuisance character who wouldn’t be beneficial to the female lead in anyway, but I had to portray him in a lovable way.Because it is a story about doctors that will never happen in reality, it becomes more exciting and interesting, so the show was probably made this way with that in mind. Although I also wish to love like that in reality, I wondered if I will have such a woman, and if a woman whom I want to give my all to ever appears, I wonder if my life will still be normal.” The reason why Ji Chang Wook chose to star in “Empress Ki” was because he found the character Ta Hwan very attractive.“In the script, Ta Hwan was cute and adorable, weak and immature, but he wasn’t hateful.

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