Jewish dating blog

It struck me as pretty funny that the pickup lines I might respond to had a traditional Jewish twist; so, like any good millennial, I made a blog filled with them.I grabbed my photographer friend, Tom, and some of my good-looking young Jewish friends who had a sense of humor, and set out to make “porn” that would appeal to me and others like me.Even though Breindel’s shirt isn’t wrinkled, wrinkles do momentarily appear as Breindel moves around.In real life, our brains process all of this motion and come to the conclusion, “The shirt is not wrinkled.” However, this moment is examined on its own on a photograph, therefore it would appear that Breindel is wearing a wrinkled shirt and it would be a distraction in the image and make viewers wonder why Breindel dressed so sloppily.

This makes it important to get all the details right in that instant.

Porn4Jews was a way of celebrating my traditionally Jewish preferences in a humorous, modern way.

Working on the blog and the book has only reaffirmed what I’m looking for.

Spending time on a Jewish project and collaborating with the various models from New York to Israel reminded me how important being Jewish and engaging in Jewish conversation is to me – even when the topic is how to make a provocative joke about Havdalah.

The sense of community and shared culture I found making the book is exactly what I hope to be able to share with a romantic partner.

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