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Ours was the shortest courtship that I had ever heard of.

Well, except for celebrities, but we all know how those turn out most of the time.

And, of course, did he really want to be an American that badly?

Is this some sort of Gerard Depardieu à la “Green Card” thing?

We had decided that we were going to try to make it work despite the huge distance between us.” messages that were followed by private emails begging, “Are you fucking kidding me?” was something I surely didn’t expect – at least not to that extent. We had a great six weeks together, he swept me off my feet, we fell in love, and then I headed back home to New York City.If it happened, it happened; if it never did, then fine, cool, whatever — it wasn’t a milestone on my life plan.But don’t we all need to know people more when we decide to get married?

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