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I’m sorry & I’m not afraid to say it.” Quincy Jones’ glorious and rambling interview with journalist David Marchese for was the gift that kept on giving.

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While Quincy Jones didn’t publicly retract some of his wilder claims, he did say that he had reached out to friends for a more private apology.

We thought it was also interesting because her sister Kidada, who relates more to her black side, even says at one point that Rashida passed for white back in the day. My mother shocked her Jewish parents by marrying out of her religion and race. IN preschool, our mother enrolled us in the Buckley School, an exclusive private school. RASHIDA: In reaction to all that differentess, Kidada tried hard to define herself as a unique person by becoming a real tomboy. Here’s the difference in our charisma: When I was 8 and Kidada was 10, we tried to get invited into the audience of our favorite TV shows. KIDADA: Let me make this clear: My feelings about my looks were never “in comparison to” Rashida. KIDADA: I knew Mommy’s parents were upset at first when she married a black man, and though they did the best they could, I picked up on what I thought was their subtle disapproval of me.

And my father: growing up poor and black, buckling the odds and becoming so successful, having the attitude of “I love this woman! But there’s the warmth of love inside a family, and then there’s the outside world. KIDADA: While Rashida wore girly dresses, I loved my Mr. But seeing the straight hair like the other girls had, like my sister had…I felt: “It’s not fair! ” PEGGY: I was the besotted mother of two beautiful daughters I’d had with the man I loved–I saw Kidada through those eyes. Mine was Not Necessarily the News, a mock news show, and hers was Punky Brewster, about a spunky orphan. It was the white girls in class that I compared myself to. Our parents weren’t black and white; they were Mommy and Daddy. I felt comfortable with Mommy’s parents, who’d come to love my dad like a son. Mommy says they loved me, but I felt estranged from them. Mommy knew Anna could give her the backup she needed in the discipline department because she was my color. Rashida spoke more primly, and her identity touched all bases. ” I want to say: “Do you know how hurtful that is to somebody who identifies so strongly with half of who she is?

From his thoughts on hip-hop to dating Ivanka Trump to his outing who was having sex with whom (and what), Uncle Q has some profanity-laced stories to tell. He was the most charming motherfucker you ever met.

It’s classic ornery old man conversation at its best.

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