Is it possible to view a person s profile on adultvideodating site without registration

Please note most integrations will only need Provides read-only access to the Events a person is hosting or has RSVP'd to.

This permission is restricted to a limited set of partners and usage requires prior approval by Facebook.

Provides access to the Places a person has been tagged at in photos, videos, statuses and links.

Provides access to the videos a person has uploaded or been tagged in.

Please continue to use user_managed_groups for testing your apps in dev mode.

However, when submitting for review, please select the reviewable feature Groups API, and do not submit this user_managed_groups in your review.

Access the date and month of a person's birthday.

This may or may not include the person's year of birth, dependent upon their privacy settings and the access token being used to query this field.

This does not let you read the groups a user is just a member of.Page Public Content Access provides read-only access to anonymized public data including business metadata, public comments, posts and reviews for a page.While testing and before submitting for review, your app may only access content that is available on a Page that you own.Each permission has its own set of requirements and suggested use cases.All these permissions, except the default fields, require that you have Client OAuth Login enabled for your app on the Facebook Login tab of your app dashboard.

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