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Warhop poured the foundation for the Fallon product."He was always willing to work with me even after practice," Dahl said.

Dahl, though, received his first break, but it meant uprooting and requiring him to move across the country to Atlanta in October 2007.

We are very excited to welcome them back to campus this fall to honor all of their accomplishments."FEARED OFFENSIVE LINEMANDahl expressed shock when he heard of his selection.

The 6-foot-5, 305-pound Dahl became one of the most feared offensive line players for Atlanta and St.

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Dahl realized he had a chance to become a regular player if not a starter.

Louis before he retired several years ago because of injuries."It came out of the blue, a nice surprise," he said when the university contacted him.

In addition to being recognized at tonight's dinner, Dahl, along with the other inductees, will be announced at halftime during Saturday's football game against the University of Buffalo."I'm excited to go up and watch the game," Dahl said of the midfield ceremony.

"What an outstanding group of individuals to induct into our Hall of Fame this year," athletics director Doug Knuth said.

"Classes like this are what allow us to carry on the tradition of Wolf Pack athletics.

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