Is chris brown dating keshia chante

, Been Gone, 2U, Fallen & Table Dancer[6][7] Chanté has won many awards, including a Juno Award, "Best New Artist" at the Canadian Radio Awards and five Urban Music Awards, as well as "Video of the Year" and "Fans Choice".[8] She is known in the U. for being said to play Aaliyah in the upcoming motion picture about the singer's life[9] with much controversy over Chante being her doppelganger,[10] her "Bad Boy" video that was in heavy rotation on BET,[11] her guest appearance in Bow Wow & Chris Brown's "Shortie Like Mine" video & constant media attention surrounding her personal life.

She now says the sum of her experiences has heightened her overall craft.Making it Chanté's first song ever to chart outside of Canada. The former host of BET’s iconic music show 106 & Park and Toronto’s own is back into the music scene with a sexy new look and a whole lot to say.If the girl testifies stating Rihanna indeed made the first punch and if Chris' attorneys can spin it in court, Chris can get off his charges all together. Also, my sources are saying that, there's proof lingering around and Rebel One Management (Rihanna's team) is trying to stop it from leaking to the media. I said about them Breaking up and I probably figured there was another woman he was involved with. This version of the story makes sense as I was wondering why he was only charged with "criminal threats" at this time and not battery or domestic violence.People are reportedly bracing for the worse in this matter, legally and otherwise. I read that Rhianna was too POSSESSIVE and CLINGY and didn't want Chris seeing other women. If Rhiana was physically fighting with him and it was not just him beating on her, it changes the entire story....saying who was right or wrong, just trying to figure things out from a legal standpoint.

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