Ip dating 2016

This year’s World Intellectual Property Day celebration is an opportunity to highlight how the intellectual property (IP) system can support innovative and creative women (and indeed everyone) in their quest to bring their amazing ideas to market.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw started out as a Master Brewer and now heads up Biocon, India's largest innovation-led biopharmaceutical company.

Indeed, in a statement Sean Rad, co-founder and CEO of Tinder said the company would be leveraging Humin’s “experience and IP to accelerate our product roadmap.” Jain said he has met Rad at F.ounders in Dublin and “it became abundantly clear that we were both fighting for the same thing.” In other words to connect people in the real world.

However, multiple sources have confirmed to us that Humin had limited traction in the crowded contact management space and was struggling to raise further capital.

Reliable intellectual property (IP) statistics are an important tool in understanding trends in policy, business, and technology worldwide.

We cooperate with IP offices from around the world to provide the most up-to-date global IP data.

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