Invalidating a patent with prior art 100 dating site saudi arabia com

If this is an important part of the claims, I will typically end my analysis there.But if it likely that the Examiner just missed writing down his part of the rejection or this is an obvious feature, I like to delve deeper.Some time, Examiners overlook an important limitation, which isn’t included.In this case, I like to point out what portion of the claims the Examiner didn’t address.

For at least the following reasons, Jones does not disclose “limitation D.” Jones discloses (insert high level overview of Jones).

Therefore, if a claim has a plurality of specific limitations it is unlikely that a single reference discloses each limitation of a claim.

In the office action, the Examiner must state which FIGURES and parts of the cited art reference disclose each limitation.

In view of the above, Jones does not disclose “limitations A-C” of independent claim 1, and independent claim 1 is allowable.

Furthermore, the other independent claims are allowable at least for somewhat similar reasons as independent claim 1 and on their own merits, and the dependent claims are allowable by virtue of their dependency from an allowable base claim.

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