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I certainly understand why many people reject "religion", but I've always seen it as something that needed to be fixed, not abandoned. It looks like about a quarter of the INTJs there are believers in one faith or another.

I personally treat the whole thing as a purely scientific matter.

The story of salvation and structure of life in church was really meaningful in my life for many years.

Not surprisingly given my INTJ credentials, I struggled most with the social aspect of Church life most and had a tendency to be judgemental of "leaders" whom others seemed to blindly follow despite obvious flaws in teaching and living that harmed others and the reputation of the Church...

3)Humans tend toward fancy when dealing with these matters so it's best not to pay attention to them when making determinations about the structure of the universe.

3) If we cant take into account the view of humans who else are we to confer with?I cannot discount the existence of a higher power (because you can't prove that something doesn't exist), but I'm skeptical. I also recommend any of his books especially Mere Christianity: "I agree with June1 about INTJs giving it some consideration to it and having strong opinions about it. There are times when I'm inspired to get involved in their religion/mythology section (which is hidden from view unless you have over 80 posts on that board).I'm curious about how many INTJ's on here might be religious.I understand that is something uncommon for INTJ people, but for myself, the evidence I've seen in science and ethics points to no other option but a creating entity.

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