Intimidating sports songs

The lists feature rosters updated for 2017, but some of the information appears to be outdated as not all of the songs named are the players’ actual songs for this season.But because these lists exist on official team websites and appear to represent the most recent and most comprehensive effort at documenting every MLB player’s associated music, I seized my discovery of said lists as an excuse to comb through every one compiling a master ranking of the best songs used to accompany baseball players. But as best as I can figure out, all the players listed have used song in question at some point.As well as Liverpool, numerous other football clubs have adopted the song as their own, including; Celtic, Feyenoord, FC Twente, SC Cambuur, Borussia Dortmund, Hoffenheim, Mainz, FC Kaiserslautern, Club Brugge, FC Tokyo and over 10 other clubs.The song has even crossed sports, being adopted by some ice hockey teams, most notably in Germany and Croatia.

But choosing Bone Thugs’ biggest hit counts as a mark against him. This song was huge among big-league relievers for a couple years and still shows up as the warmup jam for a few bullpen arms. Might be a better choice for teammate Giancarlo Stanton. Industrial rock and alternative metal are fairly common, but this is especially plodding and ominous. Somehow, Randal Grichuk is the only dude on the Cardinals using Nelly. I aspire to someday Ted be as good as Nelly at randomly inserting my name into the middle of sentences. Late-90s R&B seems to be huge among baseball players right now. It remains a badass choice, even if it’s a bit overused by now. Fun fact: About a decade ago, I wrote a list of recommended unused closer songs. Last year, Phegley used the Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ trio. I remember lefty Joe Beimel as a pioneer of its usage. This was on it, and it’s good someone’s going with it. Hard to believe there aren’t 30 players using this. I was not familiar with this song, but Michael Martinez’s awesome hair implies good taste in music. I want so badly for Clay Buchholz to be a huge Toto fan.

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