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Although some praise the font, many believe that it is spaced too tightly.And as Vivien pleas in her 16 most overused fonts article, Trajan finds its way into many Hollywood movie posters and anything remotely to do with religion, law, marriage, class or the past.The font actually reminds me a lot of Myriad which is very popular humanist sans-serif typeface – but Junction has some unique personality traits to it.Check out that uppercase ‘D’ in my type sample above – it kind of looks like a tongue sticking out at you!Here are some ideas we’ve gathered up for some font pairing for inspiration.Raleway (51, Bolded, All Caps, Centered, #747676), Yellow Tail (51, Lower Case, Regular, Centered, #747676), Raleway (28, Bolded, All Caps, Centered, #d3e0d1)Once you get your thoughts and ideas together and decide on a mood, trying to find the best font for your design should be a walk in a park. We’re hoping this post inspired you to create some great graphics.Typography can set the tone of your overall design and impact the readers’ perception of your project and understanding of your business message.

The font is recommended for advertising and display typography.The full family has a warmth and subtlety that have, in recent years, made it popular for the smaller scale of body text in magazines and booklets.Here are some other fonts many ‘professional’ designers use quite often; Gills Sans, FF DIN, Franklin Gothic, Bembo, Rockwell, Avenir, Avant Garde, Mrs Eaves, Gotham, Sabon, Warnock Pro.Futura has an appearance of efficiency and forwardness. Bodoni is a great font for headlines, decorative text and logos.Bodoni has a narrow underlying structure with flat, unbracketed serifs.

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