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Between March 1983 and January 1984, the man robbed 17 banks and became a criminal playboy.

He set up shop in a 16th-story apartment and lived like a king until one day in 1984 when he hit two banks in a row.

By the time he got to bank three, the cops were on his tail.

Surrounded, Atahan found himself trapped in the Commonwealth Bank in George Street, Sydney with a roomful of hostages.

Making things worse, he had a serious gambling problem.

Everything changed when Atahan traded in his taxi for a semiautomatic.

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And whenever the money ran thin, he’d board a plane, fly back to the Big Apple, and hold up another bank. In 1977, the man walked right into a bunch of armed guards.

In 1984, Hakki Bahadir Atahan took a page out of the Al Pacino playbook and started his own little “Dog Day Afternoon” standoff with the cops.

However, the folks on this list didn’t care about one particular commandment and went down as some of the coolest and craziest bank robbers in history.

When the cops moved in, Atahan fired at Detective Constable Stephen Canellis, hitting the officer in the face. Some carried guns, while others relied on their brains. The man was so smooth that a security guard once opened the door to let him out, never the wiser.

Canellis survived, but we can’t say the same for Atahan. Then Toye climbed into the taxi he had waiting and drove to the airport.

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