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According to the UN, life expectancy is 49 years for men and 52 years for women. It was ranked as marginally worse than 139th-placed Luxembourg, which despite being one of the wealthiest per capita countries in Europe has seen a marked decline in what economist Francesco Sarracino calls "social capital" - the quantity and quality of relationships which allow society to function properly. The tiny South American republic of Costa Rica has been named the most sustainably happy country in the world. The Happy Planet Index report, published by the New Economics Foundation, seeks to move away from purely economic measures of happiness and instead ranks countries by how much happiness they get from the amount of environmental resources used. There she learned of an opening in a twelve-bedroom, hostel-like house on Avenida Condell, a tightly partitioned two-story in the leafy neighborhood of Providencia that was painted in almost as many colors as it slept nationalities.

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Bonding over their Texas roots, the two soon became best friends.Travel—specifically immersing herself in other cultures—electrified her, and when she enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin, she declared herself a geography major.In class, her professors repeatedly projected pictures of Chile and lectured on its sublime terrain. It didn’t matter that she didn’t know a soul in South America.(“I admired her courage and independence,” her father would later say.“At the same time, I wanted to wring her neck.”) On March 4, 2011, she bid her parents and older brother farewell and boarded a flight for Santiago.

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