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Data that does not conform to these rules will negatively affect business process execution.Therefore, data validation should start with business process definition and set of business rules within this process.The Interactive Edition is an enhancement of the Enterprise Edition and only available for Windows.It offers editable objects (Controls), which can be placed into the VPE preview.These additional validity constraints may involve cross-referencing supplied data with a known look-up table or directory information service such as LDAP.For example, an experienced user may enter a well-formed string that matches the specification for a valid e-mail address, as defined in RFC 5322 but that well-formed string might not actually correspond to a resolvable domain connected to an active e-mail account.A Validation rule is a criterion or constraint used in the process of data validation, carried out after the data has been encoded onto an input medium and involves a data vet or validation program.

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During systems design, therefore, data definitions are established which place limits on what constitutes valid data.Rules can be collected through the requirements capture exercise.In evaluating the basics of data validation, generalizations can be made regarding the different types of validation, according to the scope, complexity, and purpose of the various validation operations to be carried out.The Validation rule or check system still used by many major software manufacturers was designed by an employee at Microsoft some time between 19.The method is to check that data falls the appropriate parameters defined by the systems analyst.

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