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And you’re going to allow him to continue sharing a bed with you?Continue living under the same roof as the young person he violated?That’s a horrible thing to say about another person — sexist, punitive, and demeaning, and another person’s sexuality is none of your business — and I hope you’ll take this as a flag to rethink whatever thought pattern led you there.The problem isn’t just that you said it to your boss; it’s that you said it about another person at all. Anyway, yeah, you did indeed insult his daughter, and you need to talk to him and correct the record.I am a female employee in my late 20s working for a large Fortune 500 U. One day a couple weeks ago, my boss was talking as usual about how his daughter is very attractive and wants to start dating. My boss is in his early 40s and is a father of two. My boss often tells me, totally unsolicited, that his daughter is “very attractive,” a “perfect tall blonde,” and “so beautiful.” He says boys are fawning over her and she wants to start dating.

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But he is also a devout Christian (we’ve discussed this many times), not to mention my boss. Actually, you shouldn’t be calling them “whores” even if it weren’t age-appropriate or culture-appropriate.And then there’s your boss, who sounds pretty creepy in the way he talks about his daughter and with his crudely appraising “I bet you had that problem! Something like this would probably help: “I’m so sorry for my comment the other day about Jane’s interest in dating.I realized afterward that I may have sounded like I was insulting her and/or your parenting— and that very much wasn’t my intent. Contact Us: To correct episode titles click through the episode and submit corrections via the specific list provider. 3-24 15 Apr 05 Ditch Day The home sites for this guide are for show info and for episode details.

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