How to cope with an intimidating boss

By avoiding derogatory labeling, you avoid making it easy on yourself to be angry with your boss.6. Know the difference between not liking your boss and not being professional. Before you go attacking your boss, examine your own performance and ask yourself if you are doing everything right. If others share in your concern, then you have the power of numbers behind you to give you additional persuasion power over your boss.

You don’t have to make your boss your friend or even like your boss as a person, but you do have to remain professional and get the job done and carry out their instructions dutifully as a subordinate, just as you would expect them to be professional as do their duties as a supervisor. Get opinions from other coworkers about your performance and see if there is any warrant to the criticisms of your supervisor before you criticize their opinions. It is often easy for a supervisor to ignore or attack one employee, but it becomes more difficult to attack all of his employees.

Most people at some point in their lives have to deal with a difficult boss.

When a personal attack is made on you, they are trying to bait you into reacting emotionally because once you react, you become an easy target for additional attacks.The key then is not to react, but to acknowledge and move on.By doing this, you effectively strip all of the power behind their verbal attacks away from your abusive boss, without creating conflict. When your boss criticizes you, don’t react out of emotion and become confrontational with them about it because that just breeds more conflict.Before you deal with any type of conflict, you always need to have a plan B in case things don’t work out.A plan B is the best alternative that you can come up without having to negotiate anything with your boss.

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