How to avoid looking desperate in online dating

And once again Sue realises that she has bad taste in men.

But when she starts receiving death threats, the only man who can keep her safe, is the one man she knows can break her heart. After being abandoned by his mother and raised in foster homes, he promised himself he would never need anyone again.

Once again Christie Craig wrote a very good book, with humor, great characters, sexual tension and heated love scenes.I always wonder why most heroes in contemprary-romance are afraid of commitments but are not afraid of being a douche. This is light and fluffy with some laugh out loud moments. She knows all the ways to kill a character, but understanding men was another matter.It has some cliche moments but romance is cliche so I can't complain. After her past relationship disasters with a bank robber and a cross-dresser she knows dating isn’t for her.The humor was there, just not as funny, the bad guy was there but in the end was not really a true villain.There was a few other things that bothered me a bit but you know what?

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