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He struggles to prove his father's innocence, but he begins to lose his memory due to Alzheimer’s.

Woah, the ending should be better like, Yoo seung ho died because his Alzheimer, or Lee in a marry with Kang suk kyu.

That really gave me goosebumps and shedding a tear. I discovered that these are worth watching by any group of audiences. They are young but are capable of delivering their roles very well. This drama deserves more attention because of its solid storyline. At first I was annoyed with gyu man but later on I was stunned. All actors and actresses did an absolutely wonderful job. I couldn't help but cry when Jin woo lost his memory. I rate it 10 I definitely recommend this series for anyone that wants to cry. Namgung min is literally perfect in any role and I think Yoo seung hoo did a good job as well.

PS: Really frustrated how they bring the KISS SCENE after 18 f*cking episode. They are full of values that the young should learn. Koreans should know that people of other countries are fans and following their series and movies. It didn't need LSS inducing OSTs, aesthetics, fantasy elements, sappy romantic lines, and unecessary twists and turns to keep viewers entertained. For me his acting is superb he did an excellent job. So if your looking for a melodrama, this is perfect pick for you I hope I'm not the only one who mistook him from Im Seulong (ex 2AM member) in this drama. ❤ Good job to all of the characters, director, crews, and the people who involved in this drama! Until now, I couldn't forget that she ruined "Healer".

So under all that pressure Gyu Man developed some mental issues but he never got some decent help for them and turned into a psychopath.I believe that kind of ending will make this drama unforgettable and everlasting, because it's cruel sad.My gosh the last trials made me cry,, Nam Goong Min gosh hes 1000% good in this series. i look at the above rankings and the comments and thought this must be really good... will watch a few more eps and see how it goes though...He should continue playing the role of a lawyer because as long as he does that, I'll be the happy: P But yeah, all in all, totally worth watching (I know I was hooked from the start! I was constantly amused by Park Dong-Ha's wardrobe. SBS, KBS, MBC, TVN and etc should provide another show for him as the lead actor. Jin woo is really cute when he dad' with his eye smile..it really sad when he start to cry.. It a fun journey but at the same time full of tears [continuation] It kind of felt that Gyu Man was actually the most tragic character of all.The costumer and Park Sung-Woong must have the most fun on the set, coordinating the Park outfit of the day. To the production of this masterpiece drama, thank you for making the beat drama and the best cast. This drama made its way to be one of my top favorite dramas of all time. He look so cool in court but as he start to cry he look like a kid I really want to comfort him every time he cry ... I mean, if you look at it you'll see how he was brought up by his greedy father ever since he was born. All he had been taught to care about was the company and that it's all fine to kill people because of money.

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