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State vocational rehabilitation programs offer job readiness training, job coaching, job placement assistance, mobility training and assistive technology assessments — with the goal of helping people maintain their current employment or find new employment that accommodates their needs.The speech-language pathologist (SLP) evaluates and treats problems with speech and/or swallowing — both of which can result from damage in the central nervous system that reduces control of the muscles used in these important functions.The goal of therapy is to enhance ease and clarity of communication as well as promoting safe swallowing and overall health.Some SLPs also evaluate and treat problems with thinking and memory.Between its deep blue color and its limited supply, tanzanite is treasured by many – whether one is born in December or not!Unlike many well-known gems that have been in use for centuries, tanzanite’s history is relatively modern.

Due to pleochroism, tanzanite can display different colors when viewed from different angles.All of these stones are relatively inexpensive, but their beauty rivals even precious gems.Colorless zircon is a convincing replacement for diamond, tanzanite often substitutes sapphire, and turquoise is unmatched in its hue of robin’s egg blue.Tanzanite measures 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness – which is not nearly as hard as the sapphire it often substitutes.Given its vulnerability to scratch during daily wear and abrasion, tanzanite is better suited for earrings and pendants than rings.

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