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She's always trying on clothes, and she always leaves the blinds open! Mostly dressing/undressing but about 5 minutes of one of the young freshmen girls rubbing her big tits while she is on the phone.

I value your opinion, so if you have any questions or comments, please let me know. VOYEUR COMPILATION - Voyeur video shot through the window of a young woman's bedroom, health club locker room, Girls camp shower, dressing room, strip contest, threesome sex through the window and office sex. A short beach shower area with women changing and showering.

VOYEUR COMPILATION - 3 sisters through their bathroom window, 5 minutes color locker room, 20 min B&W dressing room, 5 min color topless tanning at the beach, 15 min in bathroom several women putting on swimsuits. WINDOW PEEPER - several different women in sky-rises being videotaped through their open windows. Girl sitting in a chair at a table wearing white skirt and black tube-top during a party.

Also, video of photo-shoot with a pretty red-head model who's not wearing any panties and doesn't realize she is showing everything when she poses on the couch wearing a short skirt.

VOYEUR COMPILATION - Starts off with a B/W hidden camera video of a good looking woman getting dressed in her bathroom.

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