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A sample of these seven would include a nude T-shirt bra, black T-shirt bra, nude strapless bra, black strapless bra, a wireless bra, a colorful lace balconette bra, and one that provides lift, like a push-up bra or plunge style." 7x7: Who's your design hero?

Cohen: "I've always admired Marc Jacobs, more for his tenacity than anything else.

Cohen: "We suggest rotating between at least a few, to extend the lifetime of each.

An ideal bra drawer should be made up of seven bras, so you have something for every occasion.

"We love that women are so comfortable in our bras, some of them even fall asleep in them! With so many shapes, sizes, and needs, the process of creating a flawless bra bubbled up a number of challenges, one of which was moving beyond the brick and mortar experience and developing better bra sizing and fit without ever meeting the woman in person.

Thus, Third Love's Fit Finder was born; using machine learning to recommend the best size and style.

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Thoughtful details such as a padded, tagless hook and eye, and gold alloy hardware cost more, but according to Cohen, "Women are worth it."7x7: So, how many bras does a woman really need?But more than 30 percent of women are in between standard cup sizes—and they are all too keenly aware of it day in and day out as they uncomfortably tug at their bra straps."Women aren't templates, they're people," says Cohen.Designer Cohen, meanwhile, had experience in underpinnings: She had developed and created designs for major retailers such as Target and Mervyns, and had even launched her own line of intimates, called Luv and Honey, back in 2009.But she grappled with the fact that traditional bra sizes didn't offer a solution for all women.

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