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If you are just interested in using the Civi Service Google Script Library the id is and you can jump down to step 5-6 to see how to use it or checkout the README on Github.

If you’d just like a version of the final project detailed below here is a copy of the Google Sheet/Form I’m not going to go into detail about how to create your Google Form.

Nah, buat ngakses Graph API dari Google Script ada satu Default Service namanya Url Fetch Services.

Google Apps Script is a Java Script cloud scripting language that lets you extend Google Apps and build web applications.

In the Action column I’ve used the build in List of Items Data Validation to create an in-cell dropdown list.This allows you to easily create custom workflows in Google Drive with your Civi CRM installation via it’s API.To give you an idea how you might use this I’ve created a demonstration project that uses Google Forms for ALT Members to submit events.Also as are Event Types might change we have another bonus function we can call that can dynamically update the Event Type in the Google Form.[This project was presented at Civi Con London 2016 6th/7th October – Slides available on Slideshare.

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