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What's deep is we find this showz a connection to Masonry and can also seen on the Boule's logo. It is not a coincidence they have a knight's helmet on the top of the shield.Kappa Alpha Psi and Omega Psi Phi fraternities do as well.

Licensed Kitchen, Licenced Lcbo Restaurant, Conference Room(Seats 30), Solarium And A... Beautiful deeded waterfront access to the Gatineau river steps from the front door.These pirating vigilantes were in search of the holy grail which, according who're behind the creation of the Boule' which, in turn spawned the subordinate 8 black fraternities and sororities. Phillips, to make endz meet, two of the founderz (Henry Arthur Callis and George Biddle Kelley) worked at white fraternity houses as servants, cooks and housekeeperz.There were seven founderz of Alpha called 'Jewelz'. While there, they were privy to some of the inner workingz of white fraternal life.The time has come for these organizationz, (and that's a big 'IF') they are for the socio-economic advancement of Afrikan people, it is time to shed these ass-backward euro-based and fraudulent iconic symbolz and traditionz and honor our legacy by completely restoring it all with the original Afrikan images and history! This name dates back to the Hellenic Republic (or the modern Greek state), also called the Helladic Period known by historianz as the Bronze Age dated 2800–1100 BC.During this era, Greek culture was enforced over non-Greek people mainly through the direction of tyrant Alexander the (Not So) Great who called it the 'Hellenistic Civilization'. ' you'll recall the island of Pelan (or Patmos) in the Aegan sea sits above the Mediterranean sea between Greece and Turkey.

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