Frustrated dating scene who is david clayton henrie dating

I've been a bit conservative about figures just to be optimistic! I'm living in Dublin so really there's 1.27 million people to "choose" from. In the age bracket of 25-35 (I think 5 years each side of my age is a fair age range) that's 109,000. It's generally assumed 5% define themselves as gay, so that's 4,700. Honestly, I think you have some unrealistic standards and a bad mindset towards dating. I always find it hilarious when people come here with this issue, because of all my experience on the scene and in the community (and I see those as two very distinctly different things) "camp" men are genuinely in the minority, like butch women, and yet the overwhelming impression out there is that butch women and camp men are all the scene has to offer.

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This is a bit of a rant more than looking for advice, but I hope some can relate.

I hate where I am at the moment because the pool I have to choose from is very limited. It tends to project even if you are not explicitly stating your preferences.

I'm a bit of a maths head so I did some calculations! You claim you have tried every avenue, yet you're too good for gay bars, too good for non-macho non-perfect men - perhaps we should put some red carpet and barriers around you so your admirers can look, not touch?

You consider approximately 80% of gay guys to be non masculine?

20% of the masculine and available gay guys would be attractive enough to be interested in dating?

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