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Nowadays, it’s likely that expats will search outside the workplace to meet people and make new friends in Hong Kong.

Tsim Sha Tsui is one of the busiest tourist areas in Hong Kong, which attracts expats seeking a slice of Western life.

Hong Kong used to be the breeding ground for wealthy businessmen and women, flown out to take control of their company’s international relations.

While work still plays a huge role in the life of many expats, it’s less common for it to be the sole reason for moving.

In the synergy of nationality, religion and familiarity, it can be easy to get lost in the crossovers.

Hong Kong is a forgiving place to live, very Westernised for the most part, but it holds a strong connection to its traditional culture.

A square of streets, this area is almost always teeming with foreigners frequenting the cocktail and wine bars.The Wan Chai area is a similar hotspot, boasting The Old China Hand (along Lockhart Road) which is famously expat driven.If wining and dining isn’t your thing, then your best option will be to get involved with the Hong Kong clubs and societies culture.Many expats report that Hong Kong is one of the friendliest places that they’ve ever lived and they have yet to meet a strictly ‘non-receptive’ local.There are areas in the city where English is spoken almost universally, where educated Chinese citizens frequent and where the locals have an interest in other cultures.

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