Friendship christian dating

Flash forward fifteen years: Meghan and Pete have four young children.Meghan left her job as a Senator's aid eight years ago to raise their newborn son.It also implies a certain outlaying of time and energy. Friends look in the same direction." Meghan and Pete's close friendship in college was very real, but after fifteen years they are no longer looking in the same direction.Indeed, in many ways, they have grown to be very different people.

Meghan and Pete fell madly in love at their small Midwestern college.

Pete, now a doctor, works long hours at a large teaching hospital in Bethesda, Maryland.

While the two are active together in ministry at their church, they have lost the fire of friendship that once defined their relationship.

They work hard to keep up with schedules, work, finances, church activities and taking care of the home — it is not uncommon for them to go a week or more without having a mere ten minute conversation about anything other than a recollection of events.

At the suggestion of another Christian couple they've instituted a "date night" once a week.

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