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From the Heart You light up my world, And make me forget all my fears, Your laughter brightens up my days, And drives away all my tears.

You are my every dream come true, No one else will ever do; Because only you can make me feel, The way I do. thou makest all things even In earth or heaven; Finding thy way through prison-bars Up to the stars; Or, true to the Almighty plan, That out of dust created man, Thou lookest in a grave,--to see Thine immortality! by Pearl Aman When I sleep at night, you are the one on my mind.

You are the man God made for me For you complement me in every way You are the one with the key to my soul And you have made me nurture this goal That no matter what comes and goes I shall never leave my place beside you.

Baby, when I look at you, I feel like there is something new Each and every time it makes me feel like I’m flying higher up and above You are the one who makes me feel like I’m a teen again When we loved for the simple reason that there was only love in return to gain Times have changed but I still feel the same way for you I know that you can still make me feel like it is us against the world That it will always be us two.

Love it was that made you and I And it is love that makes me want to never say goodbye I found you after many trials and tribulations After much had been done under stipulations Just when I thought that things were not going to change I realized that you were there right in front of me all along You took my hand and you have now managed to guide me home I know that there is nowhere that I would go For with your love beside me, I know that forever is a go.

To tell you that you mean the world to me would never been enough It is too less to say Wish I could tell you how your love is like a symphony With most pleasant crests and subtle troughs Life has been kind to us, it brought us together Together we have sailed through bright skies, and fought off stormy weather I know that love is something that I have missed in my life along, but that is of the past Now that I have you here with me I know the joys are her to last.

You don't need to look for famous love poems to dedicate them to your man, because the feeling of being in love is inspiring enough to give you that creative spark.

So just be mine and love me forever, This is all I ask of you.

When you look into my eyes I feel like butterflies inside me reside.

This love of ours I must confess Has filled me up with only happiness.

When I wake up in the morning, your love makes me blind...

The sunlight of your love has brightened my whole life, The only gift I want from you is to make me your wife..

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