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Thank you for your help ​​All communications or documents exchanged between the Governor's Office and the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Indians, any entity owned by the Cow Creek, or those representing the Cow Creek from January 1, 2015 to the present.

This request includes any form of communication, including but not limited to emails, letters, other correspondence, memos, voicemails, text messages, or notes.

​​Good morning, I would like to obtain Hazardous Waste Manifest Data for calendar year 2017, in Excel format for the entire state.

Information I would like is: Address: RCRA_Site_ID_NR Common_NM Inactive_DT Reporting_Year_NR Gen_Status_CD Loc_Line1_AD Loc_City_NM Loc_State_CD Loc_Zip_CD Organization_NM Person_First_NM Person_Last_NM Mail_Line1_AD Mail_City_NM Mail_State_CD Mail_Zip_CD Manifest: dbo_Facility Site_RCRA_Site_ID_NR Common_NM Inactive_DT Reporting_Year_NR Gen_Status_CD Sequence_NR Kgs Generated Epa Waste Codes Waste_Stream_DS Manifest_NR Shipment_DT Transporter_ID_NR Kgs Shipped dbo_Shipment Sent_RCRA_Site_ID_NR Mgmt_System_CD Please let me know.

Moawad forwarded my correspondence to the Governor’s CS team.

Please also provide all email communication, phone records/logs, and any relevant calendar entries (scheduled meetings, etc) that Governor Brown had with any member of the Tri Met Board of Directors for the years 20.​All correspondence, and its accompanying information1, including also any attachments, dated between November 1, 2017 and the date you process this request, inclusive, which was sent to or from or copying (whether as cc: or bcc:) Ruchi Sadhir which are also to or from or which copies (again, whether as cc: or bcc:) i) [email protected], and/or [email protected], or which use [email protected] in an email including in an address as a listserv whether or not that address shows (i.e., that address alias is “Climate Briefing Service”). I am writing to request the statements of interest and other related materials for applicants to the Board of Forestry.Please consider as responsive the entire email “threads” containing any record responsive to this request regardless whether any part of that thread falls outside the search parameter. [email protected]​​• Records concerning credits, overages, or refunds that are due on an overpayment or duplicate payment of taxes. • Unclaimed, uncashed, undeliverable, staled-dated, voided, overdue and/or outstanding payments or checks/warrants issued and owed by The State of Oregon.We request records on the University’s system, e.g., its backend logs, not those which survive on a faculty member’s own machine or account. • Unclaimed Bonds or deposits on hand that are redeemable upon request from payee. If some of this request is exempt from release, please release the remainder of the record which is allowed.Thank you.​​Any and all letters, memorandum, or other statements regarding or commenting on the REPORT TO GOVERNOR KATE BROWN ON CAPITAL PUNISHMENT IN OREGON from General Counsel to the Governor dated October 2016.​​I would like to request any handwritten notes, memos, letters, emails, staff reports, and any other document, either in paper or electronic form, created or received by the governor and her staff relating to or between Child Welfare and DHS directors Fariborz Pakseresht and Marilyn Jones between Jan. ​​All public comments given by customers while taking the customer surveys for the Annual Performance Progress Reports in 2015, 20 for the following boards: Board of Nursing Medical Board Board of Naturopathic Medicine Board of Chiropractic Examiners Annual Performance Progress Reports are posted on this website but any public comments from the surveys seem to be omitted : ​​Copies of all correspondence and its accompanying information (this includes public records, and associated public information, see discussion of Data Delivery Standards in hard copy of request sent by email**), including also any attachments, sent to or from or copying (whether as cc: or bcc:) Ruchi Sadhir, dated from June 1, 2017, through the date you process this request, inclusive, which were sent to, sent from, or which mention anywhere in the email thread, be it in an address or Subject field, or the body of any email in a thread, one or more of the following: * “listserv” or “list serv” (including but not limited to in, e.g., “listservs”, “enviro listserv” or “enviro list serv”) * “Can-Talk” including but not limited to in, e.g., [email protected]* “CLEAN List” * [email protected]* Climate Change Working Group, including but not limited to in, e.g., [email protected]* “Climate Briefing Service” including but not limited to in, e.g., [email protected]* kitchencab including but not limited to in, e.g., [email protected]* @(including but not limited to [email protected](that, as typed, is a listserv address)).

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