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I can't have the flower bed in our unfenced front yard because of another flower devourer, the South West's feral pig, Javelina, whose odor you wouldn't believe is stronger than a skunk's. Hang a single strand 8 to 10 inches off the ground around the edge of your garden, the experts suggest.“Here is my Javelina deterrent method: OK, this is really gross but it is free and only for garden lovers who are determined to persuade the neighborhood Javelinas (and rabbits as a bonus) that their garden just isn't yummy anymore.

This has worked perfectly so far, and here's what you do.

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I ran back to the nursery I got them from and they explained that i must have gophers. They looked for weaknesses in the fence and I would awaken once again to a garden stripped bare by these poor little deer.This was to be a dream garden just like I saw in books!I put in hundreds of hours of hard labor into preparing the soil, which was basically red clay and a lot of rocks.And, sure enough last weekend, Saturday morning around 7 am, at least one Javelina (it is rare for Javelinas to travel alone; more likely it was a family) got into the garden and ate a few yellow squash plants, stomped in the dirt where we'd just planted radishes, knocked over some seedlings, and stomped into the ground some greens on the way to the squash.In other words, they only messed up a small section of garden (they could have wiped it out..I still don't know why they didn't).

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