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She is also heavy set and did not like her body or nudism.

But now after all this time she now is fine with us being nude at home when she and her hubby visit and she is MUCH more comfortable with her body.

We’ll ‘probably’ wear suits to prevent problems with my girlfriends daughters ex but if the boys say it’s ok for us to not wear them, we probably will go without.

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Andrew had been already waiting for us at the bus stop.We were dying to dive into cool water and stretch on the bedding! ‘What would you say if I took off my swimming trunks? I knew she would be scandalized if he were to do this. He stripped and lay on his stomach, exposing his butt to the sunrays.When we had covered another mile we finally took a turn from the main road and walked in a single file along a narrow path that wound its way between bushes and trees. We disposed of what was left from our clothing and tossed our bags to the ground carelessly and decided to take a plunge into the river. By the by, the color of his butt did not differ from that of the rest of his body.So, slowly, we are helping friends and family, as well as strangers, learn to be comfortable with social nudity and hope to expand our efforts in the coming year. Well, this is kind of a hard question because I don’t know for sure whether I am a nudist or not. At least I have made my first, still uncertain, steps.If I could afford it and had the freedom I would like to do much more, almost full time, but for now I’m limited to part time activism. It all started last summer when I first met Andrew.

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