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The most popular Vocaloid is Crypton Future Media’s Miku Hatsune, who sports green pigtails and wields a leek baton.Hatsune debuted in summer 2007, and technologically savvy otaku quickly fell in love with her imperfect tone, which is said to resemble the “non-ability” that contributes to idols’ popularity. Fans started making music videos of Hatsune and posting them on Nico Nico Douga, including such innovations as her singing Finnish polka.

The way she speaks will even change slowly over the course of the game.Codenamed “DK-96,” or Digital Kid 1996, Date was brought to life by Visual Science Laboratory, which made use of “full motion capture,” now widely employed in videogame and film production, to give her realistic movements.Date’s first CD single was “Love Communication,” with a music video that showed her walking the streets of Tokyo and New York.Take, for example, The [email protected], an arcade and console rhythm game released by Namco in 2005.The player takes the role of Producer, choosing one to three idols and trying to win fans by teaching them song and dance routines.

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