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Seems that two young men joined a group of prospective students and their parents who were taking a guided tour of the campus of Colorado State University, and a mother didn’t like their looks and called 911. No wonder they didn’t fit in with a bunch of white descendants of immigrant interlopers. When the cops patted them down, were they looking for tomahawks? Census Bureau says that only four tenths of a percent of the population of Pennsylvania are Native Americans.

(It also has an Indian Student Association, but that’s for Indians from India.) So the presence of two Native Americans, who made the long drive to the university in Fort Collins because they considered attending there, should not have been a surprise.

hile folks in these parts are still obsessing about the Starbucks incident, a peculiarly similar episode out West has Coloradans (Coloradians? The cops detained them too long to allow them to rejoin the tour, so they went home, a seven-hour drive back to Santa Cruz, New Mexico, where the older brother is a student at Northern New Mexico College, and the younger a senior at Santa Fe Indian School. The largest concentration of ancient archaeological sites in the United States is in Colorado, because Native Americans were living there as early as the 14th century. And Colorado State University has a Native American Cultural Center.

Her complaints were that they were very quiet, didn’t respond much when talked to, and that their clothing had “dark stuff on it, like dark things.” She didn’t mention their complexion. One of them “patted down” the boys, ages 17 and 19, and asked a lot of questions about who they were and why they were there. I could perhaps understand this happening in Philly, where we’re not used to encountering Native Americans. But 1.6 percent of Colorado’s population are Native Americans. Denver has a substantial Native American population.

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