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Each bicuspid implant require 7 mm space, so we are talking pretty significant changes to regain all 4 spaces in the arch.

The front teeth may appear to tip forwards, but they were tipped too far back before.

Big reason why its protected is because I want to keep these photos private & off the internet.

I almost look younger than I did 4 years ago, and I’m 27 now.

There were few appointments where Dr thought we had enough expansion but I urged him to continue on, I was very aggressive in pushing for as much expansion as I could possibly get. not great, I didn’t know much about Mewing back then. The biggest positive benefit are as follows Yes I knew much less about this physical restructuring work back then (4 years ago), I just knew I had to do something about my small palate because it was driving me crazy, that no amount of positive thinking could fix.Below picture shows the expansion of my lower palate arch both laterally & anteriorly Expanded sideways and also forwards to regain the space for bicuspids.I got 4 bicuspid implants now, below shows how my palate has changed over the 3 years.I finally got the bicuspid implants in December of 2015 so it was a long road, but can’t put a price tag on having a smile that you are happy about.Yes my hunches were correct, regaining the 4 bicuspid definitely adds something to your smile that doesn’t always translate to orthodontists simply looking at pictures of teeth alignment.

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