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Read More » She likes hard dicks but abusing them she likes as well.Seeing her in a nice bikini while she has him tied up naked in her barn, makes his cock hard in no time.

Punishment and humiliation ensues as Angel shows Ariel what a real domme can do! She takes slave Jason into the dungeon and humiliates him while making him worship her ass and kiss her feet. FACESITTING, ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, PONY PLAY, HANDJOB, AND MORE!

The Brazilian hotties play with each other for 32 minutes. Read More » Mistress Ariel Anderssen has been getting too big for her boots- especially as any true dominant can tell that she’s a sub at heart. She’s going to strip Ariel naked, lock her in chains, and reduce her back to the rank of submissive.

Read More » Amarna Miller returns to Insex for more of what she loves. Even though she had quite a following, the other mistresses find her laughable! Blindfold, gagged and captive, Ariel has lost control and will never regain it!

And nothing, but nothing annoys Ariel more than not being taken seriously. Ariel is furious, but soon locked in uncompromising chains- a custom-made five point shackle! Read More » Mistress Savannah is putting on her make up and realize she needs to get her boots shined as she summons her slave girl to crawl over and lick her boots clean while she sits on top of her make up table Read More » There is only one thing that is worse than a thief and that is a thief who does it for sport.

The whole town has suffered because of this tiny yet efficient klepto and while it is evident that this is not the first time she has stolen goods from hard working laymen, it is the first time she has been caught redhanded.

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