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National Assembly convened, superseding the three regional bodies; on a provisional constitution adopted, regional bodies abolished on . K., French, Russian intervention, ending Egypt intervention. Greece to be autonomous within Ottoman Empire (by U. Ottomans defeated at Petra in the final battle in the Greek War of Independence (Ottoman garrison leaves the Acropolis ). 1593 The last reference to the institution of the Prtos as the Athonites' supreme administrative and spiritual authority. Independence proclaimed (Greece, with Greek State as additional and ultimately preferred form). Ottomans recapture the Acropolis. International recognition of independence of Greece (by France, U. and Russia by London Protocol); encompassing the Morea (Peloponnese), Continental Greece and the Cyclades Islands.romanization system. 1877) Con (1st time) - Alxandros Nikolou Mavrokordtos (s.a.) Mod (3rd time) - Ionnis Nikolou Kolttis (s.a.) Lib (2nd time) - Vacant - Kyrikos "Ktsos" Fotou Tzavlas (b. 1855) Lib (Tsavllas) - Gergios Andra Kountouritis (s.a.) Lib - Konstantnos Michal Kanris (s.a.) Con (2nd time) - Antnios Georgou Kriezs (b. 1865) Mod - Alxandros Nikolou Mavrokordtos (s.a.) Mod (4th time) - Konstantnos Michal Kanris (s.a.) Con (acting for absent Mavrokordtos) - Dimtrios Georgou Volgaris (s.a.) Lib (1st time) - Athansios Andra Miaolis (b. The Great Council (Megli Snaxis) at Karys is established as the supreme authority in charge of Athonite affairs. 1821) calls together the abbots of the monasteries of Mount Athos in Karyes and declared the Greek revolution in Chalkidike (Chalkidik) peninsula.Each day this week the EDP will be publishing a full list of people graduating in that day’s ceremonies.International Organizations/Treaties: AG, AIIB (applicant), ANT, APM, BIS, BSEC, BTWC, CD, CE, CERN, CFE, CTBT, CWC, DC (observer), EAPC, EBRD, ECB, EIB, EMU, ENMOD, ESA, ESCR, EU, Euratom, Eutelsat, FAO, FATF, G- 6, IAEA, IBRD, ICAO, ICC, ICCt, ICRM, ICSID, IDA, IEA, IFAD, IFC, IFRCS, IGAD (partner), IHO, ILO, IMF, IMO, IMSO, Interpol, IOC, IOM, IPU, ).

Zahidul Abedin Francesca Booker Gesa Burchards Sheku Tamba Davowa Arianne Donar Shakeel Hayat Elizabeth Kersey Sei Kondo Karis Mclaughlin Lyndsay Jane Parrott Sarah Jane Standley Elena Yamaeva Hitoshi Yoshizaki The Postgraduate Diploma Jodit Woldemichael School Of Literature And Creative Writing The Degree Of Doctor Of Philosophy Madhubanti Bhattacharyya Asliye Dagman Hiroko Furukawa Ágnes Lehóczky Rebecca Eve Pinner Sarah Louise Thwaites Elizabeth Catherine Welby The Degree Of Doctor Of Philosophy By Publication Sanjoy Kumar Ganguly The Degree Of Master Of Arts Jennifer Marie Abbott Thomas Brian Bailey Elizabeth Burns Rebecca Joyce Burns Anne Marie Catchpole Carrie Chandler David Frank Churchill Jonathan Gillis Christie Marie Greenacre Edward William Marek Harkness Isabelle Judith Kaufeler Brigid Clare Bernadette Marriott Julian John Mash Vanessa Mary Morton Höskuldur Ólafsson Anna Magdalena Osborne Alex Pace Katherine Anne Parish Andrew Robert Parrott Faye Pauley Karolina Magdalena Pawlus Joshua Julian Piercey Bertrand Alwyn Takatsugu Playle Henriëtte Rietveld Cassandra Karmini Scott Sophie Alanna Stenhouse Emily Toder Madeleine Perdue Tongue Anastasia-zoi Tsalta Tanya Lyn Willard Sam Wright School Of Philosophy The Degree Of Doctor Of Philosophy Jonathan Frederick Francis Hills James Robert Niall Potter Fiona Charlotte Roxburgh The Degree Of Master Of Research Ming Fai Cheung Lorna Savage John Simpson Wedge The Degree Of Master Of Arts Susana Pires Teles School Of Law The Degree Of Doctor Of Philosophy Ali Mohammed Abughrara Abdulhafidh Abigail L Freestone Sebastian Peyer Sujitha Subramanian The Degree Of Master Of Laws By Research Sophie Elizabeth Louise Ghashghaei-pour The Degree Of Master Of Laws Elizabeth Ebun-oluwa Abolarin Olumide Omotayo Akinnimi Ahmed Mohamed Humaid Al Amri Abdullah Mohammed A Alajlan Emad Ali Almutairi Wesam Alshafei David Christopher Baines Rushikesh Barge Halil Basturk Amanda Jean Browne Teerin Chanwatana Balázs Dominek Ammar Abdulhamid M Fairdous Pierre François Douglas Gichuki Stefanie Christine Hankiewicz Chloe Ann Higham Matthias Jeseck Christopher Stuart Johnston Treena Knox Asharapa Kuansonthi Bin Ling Markus Linnartz Christine Malisch (Prize For The Best Performance In The Final Assessment Of The Postgraduate Dissertation Units) Katie Frances Marrison Susan Martin Alain Christian Monkam Felicity Morphey Gedsuda Mungkornpanich Chinaza Cyriacus Nwunemelu Oluwakemi Olamide Olarewaju Gyozo Pintér Marc Anthony Pruem Sharmila Rangasamy Peter Roberts Taofeeq Oluwatoyin Salman Corinna Jessica Schibgilla Ioannis Siapkas Álvaro Silva Michael Spaethe Jennifer Elizabeth Thomson Nurzhan Tulendiyev Kirsty Lorraine Vincent (Prize For The Best Performance In The Final Assessment Of The Postgraduate Taught Units) The Postgraduate Certificate Sabina Issabekova The Graduate Diploma Lucy Chambers Andrew Dawson Inigo Lazar Gillard Arwa Salman For more coverage about the University of East Anglia’s 2011 graduation ceremonies, including more individual stories, visit and see the EDP tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.

338 BC - 197 BC Subjugated by Macedonia (under Alexander III "the [Alxandros ho Mgas] 336 BC - Jun 323 BC) 338 BC - 322 BC Hellenic League (League of Corinth), a federation of Greek states under Macedonia.

290 BC 189 BC League of the Aetolians, confederation of Greek city-states in Aetolia in opposition to Macedonia and to the Achaean League.

Sir Patrick is a patron of the organisations Refuge and Dignity in Dying.

He has also given his name to a scholarship at the University of Huddersfield, of which he is chancellor, to fund post-graduate study into domestic violence.

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