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She was among the few to learn to fly the F/A-18 Hornet, a single-seat jet and the Navy's premier strike fighter aircraft, a privilege reserved for elite pilots, according to retired Navy helicopter pilot Andi Sue Phillips.'When you pull those g's, you can actually feel your organs slamming on the inside of your ribs,' Phillips said.

'It's exhausting to put your body through those maneuvers.'Phillips said that that there was a lot of resistance for women to fly jets and for Shults 'to fly a fighter aircraft when nobody even wanted her there is pretty amazing'.

Gianna Baur (pictured reuniting with her husband) who was on the Southwest Airlines flight that suffered engine failure Tuesday morning has been reunited with her husband, Chad Baur, after she sent him goodbye messages from the plane'That's when I started to really panic,' Chad told NBC. it's an emergency landing,' Gianna text her husband. Chad said he was at their apartment when the messages came through.

'She said a flight attendant was praying over the loudspeaker, someone else was on the emergency phone screaming for medical help when they landed,' Chad said. flight attendants are checking everyone's oxygen... He immediately called both of their parents while he kept texting his wife.

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The next five minutes were some of the most terrifying for both Gianna and Chad. 'We just try to say all the things we would want to say to each other if that was the last thing we got to say,' Baur told NBC.

While pilot Tammie Jo Shults prepared the plan for the emergency landing in Philadelphia, Chad said he didn't receive any messages.

Gianna Baur thought she would never see her husband, Chad Baur, again as the pilot of her flight announced they would be diverting the aircraft for an emergency landing.

She immediately began texting him using in-flight texting and even took a photo of herself with an oxygen mask on.

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