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It appears that the person who packed it bent the card and the front of the card show a white crease.

Some of the complaints don't give examples or detailed explanations of the problems they've had so think that might be a good idea to explicit.

dollar in the past – and, on paper, the decision seems to make sense for both Canada and Iceland.

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But maybe the worst part: The person who brought this story to my attention is a Canadian.

be worried that Canada is bailing out other countries?

All I said was that Americans tend to look at Canada through rose glasses because they don't know how many problems there are in that country.

Whether you are looking for a man or a woman, in our free community surely you will find the right person for you.

Due to the high volume of images, to sell something is like a needle in a haystack and if you look at the images sold which you see every time you log on and go see what it sold for it's usually quite cheap meaning those people just want to sell something and if they had to make a living, they'd starve selling at those prices.

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