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The week before Thanksgiving I invited her to come home with me to southern Utah for the holiday weekend. I started to think of ways that I could uninvite Janice.With fears swirling in my head, I came to campus on the Monday before Thanksgiving.This potent emotion is an important element of our mortal existence.” Today I want to visit with you about overcoming the fears that are an essential part of our experience in this earth life.

Or, worse yet, while wondering what to do when she does?

I took Janice home for Thanksgiving, and the weekend went wonderfully.

While returning to Provo, however, my worst fears of carrying on an extended conversation with a girl were realized: a snowstorm forced the closure of Interstate 15, and the two of us were stranded together in the car between the Utah towns of Beaver and Fillmore for several hours with no choice but to simply talk to each other.

I was in graduate school here at BYU, and I began asking out a particular girl. Like Oliver Cowdery, fear caused me to “not continue as [I had] commenced.” I was afraid of making the wrong decision—one that I knew was important and, ideally, eternal. Fear of the future had kept me from continuing what I had commenced, and the time had passed.

My poorly thought-out solution to this fear was to stop asking the girl out. During the next six years of my single life I thought often about that experience and the Lord’s instruction to Oliver Cowdery ­concerning fear.

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